Belinda Dickson

Belinda Dickson – Currently on Maternity Leave

Where did you grow up?
In lower hills area Helena valley and Greenmount

How many pets do you have?
2 Horses Tommy and Buckarri, 3 miniature ponies Max, Vixen and Charlie, 1 sheep Mrs Lamby, 2 dogs Cassie and Rusty, 1 cat Inky

What was your first pet?
Black Cat called Blackie when I was 6

Funniest Pet?
Cassie my maltese/shihtzu. She sits on the couch like a human and when the moment takes her she runs laps around the yard flat out until she’s all puffed out. Cassie and the cat have a unique relationship as they play like two dogs would.

Horses and dressage. I have worked in the equine industry for about 15yrs and loved every moment and I have also been involved socially for most of my life. I compete in dressage with Buckarri my Friesian/warmblood.

I also play piano and guitar although I may be a little rusty these days.
Health and lifestyle for my family and for me are also important.